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Let’s get one before your drain clogs again.

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Why TubKeeper?

Unlike conventional drain strainers or bath tub stoppers on the market,
TubKeeper is designed to bring fun and relaxing shower & bath time back!

Catch Hair & Small Items, for Clogged-Drain-Haters
With its unique design, TubKeeper grabs hairs while maintaining high water flow and keeping hairs unexposed.
No more drain clogs or puddles in tub!

Handy Drain Stopper, Right Here Whenever You Need it
TubKeeper doubles as a drain plug. Its watertight, non-toxic silicone top can keep water in tub with zero leakage for hours.

Hot Safety Cap, For You & Your Loved Ones
TubKeeper's cap is temperature sensitive, turning pink if water reaches 100 degrees Fahrenheit,
to safeguard you, your babies, kids and pets from burns and scalds.

Hassle-free Cleaning
Time to clean up? Simply remove hair from the bottom of TubKeeper.
There is no mesh or hole to make cleaning difficult.
No need for harmful drain clog remover or drain snaking.

Bye-bye Gross Mildew
Plastic hair catcher is one of the best spots for mildew and mold to grow on. That's why TubKeeper is made of mildew-resistant materials to prevent mildew growth.

How to Use
1.Insert TubKeeper into your bathtub drain.
2.Keep the cap sealed when you fill water in tub. Flip the cap upwards to drain your tub and to catch hair.
3.Remove collected hair from the bottom part.

Remember to measure your bathtub drain size before ordering. TubKeeper fits standard drains with inner diameter of 1.4-1.7 inches, and inner depth of 1.10-1.42 inches.

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