Reduce Plastic
When You Shower

TubKeeper eco takes 1 year to decompose,
which is 499 years better than normal hair catchers. 

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Meet TubKeeper eco
the Greenest Hair Catcher on Earth

TubKeeper eco as eco friendly drain hair catcher

Heavy-duty Hair Catcher

Revolutionary design catches large amount of hairs neatly while maintaining high water flow. 

TubKeeper eco as hot safety alarm drain hair catcher

Hot Safety Alarm

Thermochromic cap changes to pink once water hits 100°F(37.8°C) to signal
overly hot water. 
A plus for family with kids and pets.

TubKeeper eco as eco friendly drain hair catcher

A Sustainable Solution 

After 3 years of usage*, bury it in soil or with organic waste to degrade completely in a year*. Enjoy a clog free and plastic free lifestyle.

Unboxing TubKeeper eco

Unboxing TubKeeper eco

How to Use TubKeeper eco?

1. Unpack

Each TubKeeper eco is individually wrapped to prolong preservation time.
Remove it from the bag right before you use it.

2. Dissolve Bag

Dissolve the bag in water, preferably >160°F.
These water dissolvable bags are made of starch, and leave no trace or harm to earth.

TubKeeper eco eco friendly hair catcher biodegradable unclog drain

3. Plug & Catch Hairs

Plug TubKeeper eco to the bathtub drain to catch hairs neatly. Remove hairs when needed.
With a revolutionary, patent-pending design, TubKeeper eco catches large amount of hairs without slowing water flow.

TubKeeper eco friendly biodegradable degradable hair catcher

4. Decay

After 3 years of usage*, burry TubKeeper eco in your garden or with organic waste. 
It is made of Biodegradable Plastic so it will degrade in a year*.
* May vary depending on environment

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